Another strong performance by all #TeamEVEN drivers at the Suzuka

All of TeamEVEN's drivers made it to the big final today, for the second race in the Norwegian SimRacing championship, virtually, at the Suzuka track.

March 22, 2020

Oskar Biksrud (13) finished P5 after a strong performance and a clean race. Karl Peder Nordstrand were lying P3 when Christian Krognes made a mistake and spun ahead of him and then caused a damage to Karl Peder’s car. Karl Peder, who is only 12 years old, were in a close battle with up-and-coming F1 star Dennis Hauger and Carl Fredrik Hersoug and had also overtaken them earlier in the race. In the end Karl Peder finished with a strong P8.

Benjamin Fuglesang (13), who ended P3 in the race at SPA, didn’t set the time he wanted during qualifying, but continued with a strong race and finished 11th. Dennis Bjerke (12) also had a strong performance for the race and ended P16. Ole Christian Veiby qualified well and were lying 15th when he got his race ruined after he was hit by another car.

More than 120 drivers were entered for today’s competition, including the majority of the elite-driver in Norwegian Motorsport. Top 30 after pre-qualifying made it to the A-final.