We create world champions of motorsports

Even Management is a company managing young and upcoming talents of motorsport. We define Elite Sports as unrivaled training and preparation work. Elite Sport in EVEN Management is comparable with the best open technical sports, our work spawns International level performance.

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Oskar Biksrud

Gokart driver/ Simracer for Heroic

Karl Peder Nordstrand

Rally driver/Crosskart driver

Johan Kristoffersson

WRX/ ExtremeE

Esapekka Lappi

WRC Rally Driver for Hyundai

Ole Christian Veiby

WRX / WRC2 Rally Driver

Tommy Østgaard

Simracer for Heroic


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Johan and OC: – This year we'll see tighter racing


Karl Peder (15) skal kjøre full sesong i R5


Johan is the 2022 FIA World RX Champion


Karl Peder Nordstrand (15) kjører sitt første rally i en R5