Epic victory for Johan Kristoffersson in the Extreme E

A weekend thriller for Rosberg X Racing and Johan Kristoffersson ended with a sensational top podium finish in the first race of the 2022 season. The reigning Extreme E Champions provided for some heart-stopping race action in the deserts of Saudi Arabia against the stunning background of deep-red dunes and sandstone cliffs.

February 20, 2022

- This was incredible. Very rarely do I get a rush from driving a racing car, but this was the biggest adrenaline rush that I’ve had for many years. I wasn’t sure how much I could push due to the dust and damage, but I came closer and closer and found some new lines that I didn’t think were drivable. Then I did a really risky move, driving up blind and breaking more speed than I could have imagined, but came out first. I am just super happy that it all went well and very proud of the result.