Esport Championship victory

After strong performance from all our esport-drivers, EVEN management driver Benjamin Fuglesang secured his first overall championship victory by winning the Norwegian Simracing Championship. Karl Peder Nordstrand showed how strong he can be and won the final race in the 2020 championship.

May 03, 2020

In the final competition in the championship 13-year-old Benjamin took the overall win after 3 podiums from 4 races. 12-year-old Karl Peder took the lead early in the race and managed to keep the strong field behind him for the remaining of the race. Oskar (12) and Dennis (13) ended 4th and 7th in the race, while Ole Christian Veiby finished 9th. Andreas Mikkelsen were forced to retire from the b-final.

Our esport-project only started in January, and this is the first competition the young guys have entered in the virtual world. Sporting Director Roy Snellingen explains how impressed and proud he is about the strong performance from the youngsters; - I feel very lucky to be working with such great athletes. The dynamic in the group is incredible, and it’s great to see how the youngsters learn from the more experienced drivers, and the other way around. And with Tommy Østgaard as our head-coach, it has been a an incredible journey to follow.

Overall result Simracing Grand Prix – The Norwegian championship:

1 Benjamin Fuglesang, TeamEVEN, 427p

2 Carl Fredrik Hersoug, 425p

3 Glenn Key, 420p

4 Oskar Biksrud, TeamEVEN, 401p

5 Emil Heyerdahl, 374p

6 Espen Erlandsen, 340p

7 Kenneth Gulbrandsen, 315p

8 Karl Peder Nordstrand, Team EVEN, 304p

9 Dennis Bjerke, Team EVEN, 290p

18 Ole Christian Veiby, Team EVEN, 179p

74 Andreas Mikkelsen, Team EVEN, 20p