EVEN Management sign successful SIM racer Tommy Østgaard as they endeavour to lead the way in the eSports arena.

The world continues to face challenging times and has had to adapt to a new way of life. For Even management the aim remains unaltered, keep pursuing success and strive to stay ahead of the curve.

June 11, 2020

In a bid to assert their dedication and intent in the world of eSports, Even management are proud to announce that Tommy Østgaard has signed a contract to become their premier athlete, representing Even across the world of SIM racing.

Even management launched their own eSports team back in December 2019 to nurture young talent and discover future champions.

Østgaard’s pedigree has been honed with many years of racing and coaching at home in Norway, and overseas. As Even’s head coach on the ‘Next Generation Project’ he guided young talent to achieve their goal of being Norwegian champions, all within four months!

Now as their premier athlete Østgaard will be purely focused on delivering results and continuing his success within the Porsche eSports super cup, where he is currently third overall with Coanda Simsport.

‘eSport is going to be a big part of the motorsport of the future’ says Erik Veiby, Even Managements Director ‘We want to be present in that arena. Through our own efforts, we have learned how serious and real-life this is. When it comes to signing Tommy as our first professional sim racing athlete, Even Management is in a new phase. We see that eSports are a really exciting opportunity for us’

‘For me it is such a great opportunity’ says Østgaard ‘I think it's great that Even Management dares to be so unconventional and think in an innovative way. We have already worked together for a while and there is no doubt that this has made me a better competitor. I have learnt how to structure my everyday life, exercise properly, receive dietary advice and live as a top athlete. I went all-in and bet full time. Even management’s confidence in me is incredibly important’ Tommy is also a member of Team Norway, Norways nationalteam within Motorsport.

This weekend the challenge gets a little bigger as Østgaard prepares to tackle arguably the worlds most famous race, the Le Mans 24 hour - but this time it’s ‘virtual’. The star studded line up includes an array of talent as professional racers from different disciplines including F1 take on professional SIM racers. Two worlds collide to provide a spectacle which will no doubt thrill the global audience.

For Tommy, it’s a dream come true ‘It is surreal, I can’t even imagine it when you look at the line up. I used to play against some these drivers on the F1 computer game - now its the real driver I compete against! Racing with Porsche and having British driver Nick Tandy as my team mate - you have to pinch yourself’

Østgaard will race with Coanda Simsport this weekend and has already been passing on the wealth of his learning from Even management to his team mates. ’They think it's super exciting and cool. I have shared the experiences and lessons learned from Even Management with the team, and I would like to say that everyone has been better off’.

In what is the first virtual edition of the famous Le Mans 24hour, only invited teams can participate. Each team consists of two ‘real’ world driver and two drivers from the virtual world. Østgaard will be joined by former Le Mans winner, British driver Nick Tandy along with Turkish driver Ayhancan Güven who runs for Porsche and Joshua Rogers from Australia, who is Østgaard’s teammate in Coanda Simsport.

The Le Mans 24 Hour Virtual race begins at 1500 CEST on Saturday 13th June 2020.