EVEN Management signs partnership agreement with the Norwegian Automobile Sport Federation

The Norwegian ASN have joined EVEN Managements as an official partner to the NextGeneration project. The programme now enters into a multi-year official programme with support from the Norwegian ASN.

February 18, 2021

-The new partnership agreement marks a new milestone for our successful programme, says Managing Director in EVEN Management, Erik Veiby. – I’m very happy we now have the support from the Norwegian ASN to continue with our programme to develop young talents. The NextGeneration-project is an exciting programme and we look forward to continue our work in educating drivers.

Since the launch of the NextGeneration project in December 2019, the Norwegian Automobile Sport Federation have been a valuable partner in the project. With this agreement the partnership will be even stronger.

-We’ve been impressed by the NextGeneration project since the start in 2019, and we strongly believe in the concept. We also think that the athletes in the programme can all become successful drivers in motorsport based on their education in the project and we want to support that also financially. We will work even closer with EVEN Management in the future, and we will also arrange for other drivers in our National Team to take part in some of the training EVEN Management offers. Together with EVEN Management we will also look for other partners to the project and hopefully this will be a project that could benefit other Norwegian drivers, says Sporting Manager in the Norwegian ASN, Atle Gulbrandsen.

The NextGeneration project were launched in December 2019 with the target to create a future champion in rally. With the support from the Norwegian ASN the project will now look to include other motorsport. The development programme is based on sports experience and research and EVEN Management’s many years of experience.

-To create the drivers of tomorrow we have to start working with very young drivers. With the support of the Norwegian ASN we will continue our work with the Next Generation project. To secure enough hours of training in motorsport, compared to other sports, the use of driving-simulators is very important. This gives us a virtual platform to educate the young drivers closely on another level outside a car, says Sporting Director in EVEN Management, Roy Snellingen.

One year into the programme, all the 4 athletes have shown good progress and also strong performance. Karl Peder Nordstrand (13) took home the Norwegian Championship in crosskarting. Benjamin Fuglesang (14) claimed an historic milestone when becoming the first ever Norwegian Champion in Simracing. Together with Dennis Bjerke (13) and Oskar Biksrud (14) all the young talents joined Coanda Simsport Junior Team, one of the most successful simracing teams in the world.