Johan Kristoffersson wins the WorldRX of Latvia in Riga

335 days since his last victory in the WorldRX, Johan secured his first victory in the Audi for the KYB EKS JC team.

September 20, 2021

After a tough opening day, he secured pole position for the second semi-final and started the final alongside Saturday winner Niclas Grönholm. A great start saw Johan take the lead already in the first corner, and he never looked back.

“We’ve had a tough start to the season – we’ve been right on the pace but things just haven’t gone our way – so to finally get the win is fantastic for the whole KYB EKS JC team. Everybody has been working incredibly hard and last night was another long one for them, so they really deserve this victory. We haven’t had the margins on our side so far this year, but today was our day and it feels great. It’s been a long time coming.

I got a very good start in the final and took a risk into Turn One to get the lead. There was a lot going on inside the cockpit through the first few corners and I had a big power steering lock-up into Turn Two and thought I was going to spin, but I was fine with that because that would have been pretty normal for 2021! Afterwards, our pace was good, and we can definitely still win this championship. You have to fight for every point you can get, and that’s what we’ll do right to the end.”