Next Generation athletes joins Coanda Simsport Junior Team

Only 11 months after the launch of the Next Generation-project, Benjamin Fuglesang (13), Oskar Biksrud (14), Dennis Marconini Bjerke (13) and Karl Peder Nordstrand (13), are selected for the Coanda Simsport Junior Team. A new team launched by one of the best simsport-teams in the world, to develop and nurture young talents into world championship-level drivers in sim-racing.

November 20, 2020

With the aim of becoming professional motorsport-athletes, the young guys are now set to train, learn, compete and develop together with the best sim-racers in the world, in addition to be a part of the Next Generation project.

Managing Director in EVEN Management, Erik Veiby, are looking forward to the new partnership with excitement; - We had no previous experience with simsport when we started this project less than a year ago, and if you had asked me then about where we would be in 1 year, I would never have imagined our guys where we are today. We have 4 very talented young guys who have had an impressive progress in a short amount of time. Some of the development is based on the knowledge and hard work put down by Roy Snellingen and Marius Erlandsen. The fact that one of the best simsport-teams in the world chose all four guys for their junior-team and a partnership with EVEN Management, is something special, and we are excited about the new future and possibilities!

Coanda Simsport is a professional team with a number of elite international sim-racers onboard. Being one of the leading teams in simsport, they have followed our guy’s progress and been impressed by their determination and good results. As a result, they have selected all 4 drivers to represent their new Coanda Simsport Junior Team. Team Manager in Coanda Simsport, Philip Stamm, are looking forward to having the young athletes joining the team; - We want to make sure that we retain our spot as the best sim-racing team in the world. By developing young drivers inside the team we can give the drivers the same high values and standards that we have in Coanda from an early age. We have so much experience and knowledge within the team that will be hugely beneficial for any driver. I believe it will have a positive impact on our main team too by having young energetic drivers around us.

Sharing knowledge is one of the aspects of the new partnership that EVEN Management’s Sporting Director Roy Snellingen are excited about. – Both EVEN and Coanda are aiming for the same, even on different arenas, motorsport and simracing. An exciting part of the partnership between us is sharing knowledge and experience. The combination of our elite-sports experience and Coanda’s simracing-experience must be a good concept!

You can see the Coanda Junior Team Drivers in action from tonight as they will race in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup qualifier by racing in the regular iRacing Porsche Cup series.