Team EVEN esport

Our new "Next Generation" athletes were announced on December 19th 2019, and will for the next year form our esport-team.

December 20, 2019

Benjamin Fuglesang (13), Oskar Biksrud (13), Dennis Marconini Bjerke (12) and Karl Peder Nordstrand (12) are the new EVEN esport athletes, and a part of our Next Generation project for the next year.

All new athletes applied to join the project. We then invited them to our offices for an interview and presentation of the project. The 4 of them were then chosen after a carefully and long evaluation process. All 4 have shown good progress and result within their sport, and we believe all of them has the passion and abilities for further development.

The first step on their development-programme is to join our new esport-team, and the use of a simulator will be a big part of the next year. They will have a simulator at home, provided by EVEN management. We plan to have weekly online competitions and practice session. The use of a simulator at this level, will help to develop skills within driving-technique, datalogging, pace-notes, set-up, etc. In addition other motorsport-activities, physical training and seminars are planned.

EVEN management strongly believe the use of simulator is crucial for all future drivers, within all aspects of motorsport, including rally. We have invested in a total of 5 simulators, 4 of them will be installed in the homes of our new esport-talents. The 5th simulator will remain in our offices, for the use of our other drivers. Ole Christian Veiby will also compete with our youngsters, in addition to his rallying.

Our Sporting Director in EVEN management, Roy Snellingen, will be in charge of the new project. He is joined by Project Manager Marius Erlandsen. Head-coach for the esport-team, will be Tommy Østgaard, who is Norway’s leading name within sim-racing.